Evil Intentions and False Allegations of Abuse

Tiffany Colegrove aka Tiffany Giordano

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Tiffany Colegrove

This woman is a Sociopath. Also known as Tiffany Giordano, Topanga Diaz is currently a Personal Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Gold River, California. Most of her false allegations were discredited in a preliminary hearing and many charges were dropped but the man she has accused still faces serious charges.

Who is this Sociopath?

Tiffany Colegrove born 5/22/1989, graduated in 2007 from Buena High School in Ventura, California made allegations of abuse against her stepfather in April of 2013 (about 10 years after these alleged events were suppose to have occurred). Most all of her family, extended family, family friends, even her Own Mother (the accused man's ex wife) assert that these allegations leading to the arrest of Daniel Colegrove are false and were made with malicious intent. Tiffany Colegrove's (half) siblings were removed from their home by CPS for about a month and then were returned. They both remain there with their step mother.

In response to these events, the younger siblings exercising their 1st Amendment Rights granted by the United States Constitution decided to publish a website telling their side of the story and they have come under fire from CPS, The Police as well as Tiffany making threats of legal action against the 15 and 13 year old.

By July of 2013 I had all the information I needed to declare that Daniel Colegrove's arrest in April was a terrible travesty and I published this information on the blog RKB to get the word out in support him and his family shortly afterward I met up with the original publisher of tackytiffany.com and we merged forces here.

I have sworn to keep this up until things are set right or in the awful event this man is convicted I will keep this up as long as I am above ground


Filed False Charges of Sexual Abuse

Tiffany Colegrove Buena High School class of 2007 False Accusations lead to Daniel Colegrove arrest, Venrura, Ca.

What is Her Motive?

At this point in time all I have so far is Tiffany Colgrove’s bogus story (that really went too far), a reasonable explanation from the accused and his family so coming from me it’s just hearsay and anecdotes but I’m still digging, and I bet it won’t be long before I dig up real evidence of her lies and deceit. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking...Continued

A Socialized Sociopath?

The most obvious group are the serial killers. And yes, there have been a lot of female serial killers. Unlike their male counterparts though, there is usually not a sexual element to their crimes. It’s much more usual to be money or power related. And the female sociopaths typically know their victims; it’s rare for them to kill strangers...Continued

The Real Abuse

What kind of person would try to use their 15 year old sister to carry out a plot of revenge? The more I think about it the more it makes me sick. From what I have gathered in the past few months this 15 year old came to blame herself even though mentally she has a handle on it but emotionally this must be killing her... Continued

Update March 5, 2014

About month after Tiffany Giordano (Colegrove) testified before a judge in a pretrial hearing the public record reflects the fact that the special circumstances charges against the man she has falsely accused of molesting her 10 years ago. Basically public records now show the worst of the charges were dropped by the DA because of Tiffany's lack of credible testimony, 25 to Life is off the table.

Recent Blog Discussion:

Reply posted by "DysFUNctional" on THE FACTS June, 14 2014 5:19pm PDT

I have something to add to this

I have known Tiffany's mother Lisa ever since she moved here from New York, so basically I have known Tiffany all of her life. I have known Daniel for 20 + years and I was even at Lisa and Daniel's wedding. I also clearly remember Lisa and Daniel's divorce and it was a mean one. There were horrible accusations from both sides and it is safe to say there is no love lost between Lisa and Daniel, BUT.

The very first thing Tiffany's mother Lisa had to say when Daniel was arrested was "He didn't do anything like this! - Tiffany is Lying! - Daniel is innocent!".

And since then pretty much everyone that has known Tiffany Colegrove, All of her family, all of her grandparents, all of her teenage brothers and sisters, pretty much all of her mother's and Daniel's long term friends, her boyfriends, her school classmates pretty much say exactly the same thing Daniel is innocent - Tiffany is Lying.

Like I said I know them all pretty well. Tiffany Colegrove has a part that is missing, there is something in her soul that is dead and you could even see it in her eyes when she was a baby long before Lisa and Daniel met and married, her mother knew this but Daniel always missed it and I absolutely believe that Tiffany concocted this story and put the effort into making Daniel's arrest happen. Tiffany played everyone like a mark and she played him very well for a long time.

Reply posted by "DaVinci" Submitted on 2014/11/05 On about every page of this blog. He has a good point so I am including it here:

Tiffany Colegrove is almost certainly a very severe case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, anyone with a minimal amount of training in psychology could see this.

Narcissistic individuals are extremely self-centered and are preoccupied with their own abilities appearance, comfort, and importance. Very few narcissists seek help. Researchers believe that the onset of this disorder occurs in early adulthood. Symptoms include:

• pretentious sense of self-importance
• selfish
• exaggerates achievements and talents
• preoccupied with personal fantasies
• requires constant and unreasonable attention and admiration
• takes advantage of others to achieve their own goals
• treats others who do not please them with scorn or anger
• reacts to criticism with anger or rage
• cannot or will not empathize with others
• insincere comments and behavior
• lying and destruction of property
• Interferes with relationships between others.

Narcissists are very manipulative and clever. Some are addicted to the upset that they cause in others. Due to this addiction, the prospect of improved outcome for these individuals is poor.

I have been loosely acquainted with her for several years but did not know about these allegations she has made against her step father until it was brought to my attention today by another of her friends I am also loosely acquainted with, who by the way, is still under Tiffany’s spell even after I pointed out the obvious symptoms.

I think you should consider too it is possible that this website is feeding Tiffany’s disease by amplifying her “martyrdom” through False Victim Syndrome. She often posts on her Facebook status about being stalked around the internet, being attacked abused by many websites.